Established in 2011, Geek Labs was instituted by a group of electronics and telecommunication engineers who were passionate about solving mundane tasks and chores with the help of machine to machine communication to save time and energy.

Today, we contribute all our knowledge into providing tailor-made, smart homes and automated spaces which range from studio apartments to buildings, hotel rooms to hospital rooms, restaurants, offices, villas and everything in between.



a knowledgeable and obsessive enthusiast.

01 — Founder's Story

At a very early age, my curiosity with technology began shaping. 

Age 5, I started meddling with the electronic toys, opening them with a screwdriver and crying like a baby when I wouldn’t be able to put it back. 

At age 16, I would repair computers for all my friends and family free of cost.

Thereon I would take any malfunctioning machine or device as a challenge. In the following years, I went on to fixing Microwaves, Television sets, Washing Machines, Refrigerators, Gaming Consoles and Mobile Phones.

It was this “Geeky” passion of repairing things, increasing their shelf life and figuring out how they work is what led me to pursue a career in Electronics and Telecom engineering. After which I decided to start my own R&D in the field of IoT. 

As a tech enthusiast, apart from setting up automation systems, I spend a lot of time exploring the true abilities of the human body and mind. Skateboarding, Surfing, Scuba diving and Paragliding are some of the adventure sports that I pursue. Apart from general fitness, I do take time out for yoga and meditation during the course of my day. As an audiophile, I love listening to various genres of music. I like to play classic rock music on the guitar and electronic music on the DJ controller. Writing songs, poems and short stories is what I enjoy as well.

02 — Our Mission

Our mission is to strive for the betterment of humanity with the help of technology. Implementing solutions comprise minimal hardware, providing maximum throughput at lower prices. Technology is not supposed to be expensive, nor is it supposed to be a luxury. Technology should help humanity reach a higher goal in life and that is what we at Geek Labs support.

02 — Gallery

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