2.1 — The Sunrise

Description Start your day by waking up to gentle morning music that gradually fades in instead of cranky alarms.The curtains automatically open up to allow the morning sunlight to enter your house, the coffee maker prepares coffee for you as soon as you step out of bed while Alexa prepares your personalized workout for the day.
Requirements Smart Home System, Motorized Curtains, Appliance Module, Voice Assistant

2.2 — The Guest Scene

Description Welcome your guests by unlocking the door when they arrive, control the air conditioning of the entire house, set the mood by setting all the lights to bright and then slowly dim down over the span of two hours.
Requirements Smart Home System, AC Module, Dimmer Module, Digital Door Lock, Audio Module

2.3 — The Movie Scene

Description After a long day's work, unwind to the latest movies and tv shows with just one command. "Alexa, start Movie Scene". Take a breather while Echo dims the light for movie viewing, puts the AC on quiet mode, turns on your home theater system and puts on Netflix.
Requirements Smart Home System, AC Module, Dimmer Module, Audio Video Controller

2.4 — The Sunset

Description The system opens up the curtains 20 min before the sunset time making sure you don't miss the natural beauty of the earth. Slowly and gradually it fades the dimming light in your home making a smooth transition between the lighting leves.
Requirements Smart Home System, Dimmer Module, Motorized Curtains

2.5 — The Night

Description Allow the system to set you to sleep by turning off all the lights, setting the AC to your comfortable temperature and even sing you a lullaby while your security system keeps an eye on the door and windows.
Requirements Smart Home System, Security System

2.6 — The Brains

- Automated weather based plant watering system
- Automated timed water storage system
- Automated temperature mainining
- Occupancy based energy conservation
- Remotely unlock door for visitors
- Mood based music playback

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