Why should you get a smart home?

If you like to have:

  • complete control over all the devices in your home.
  • a single point of contact to activate or deacitvare all the devices and appliances.
  • a secured home that alerts you in case of emergency.
  • a home that understands your lifstyle and serves your daily needs.
  • a home that provides privacy from househelps
Why should you not get a smart home?
  • If you are not familiar with what the technology has to offer.
  • If you just want it to show off, it does add an element of wow but that is not the sole purpose.
  • If you prefer older ways of running a house.
What all can a smart home control?
  • Lights-Dimming,On/Off,Colour changing
  • Motors - Curtains, Blinds, Doors, Cabinets,
  • HVAC-Fan,Air-conditioners,Heaters,Ventilators,Air-purifiers
  • Audio-Video-Home Theaters,Streos,Projectors,Media Centers,Gaming Consoles
  • Sensors-Door/Window,Motion,Gas-Leak,Temperature/Humidity,Lux Level,Vibration,Flood,Smoke,etc
  • Door Locks - Main Door, Bedroom Doors, Wardrobes, Drawers
  • Security-IP CCTV,Video Door Phones,Access Control System
What are the types of automation technologies?

They are classified into two major types

  1. Wired
  2. Wireless

Both systems are efficient and have various communication protocols under them. It is very important to freeze on the protocol before we start automation.

Wired systems are ideal for places with heavy loads and large areas. Eg: Restaurants, Hotel Lobbies, etc

Wireless systems are ideal for places with regular loads and relatively smaller areas. Eg: Residence, Office, etc

What kind of wiring do I need to have in my house?

The wired systems need a specific wiring schematic to be followed where the house would have to be hardwired with CAT6 cables and off wires to be terminated at a common junction.

The wireless systems work on traditional eletrical wiring and do not need additional wiring.

What is the cost of automation per square feet?

The estimated cost of automating a space is anywhere between 250-800 rupees a square feet.

Can I DIY my own smart home?

Absolutely! Unlike other automation companies our focus is providing the right solution for the requirement. There are a lot of DIY products available in the market but not all of them are reliable in terms of quality, longevity, technology and compatibility. We whould be happy to provide a free consultation for DIY clients.

I have old people in the house, can they use smart homes?

As long as they can operate smartphones, they can make use of the automation. However, If they are not tech savy we still have button-based options. For eg: At the push of a button the user can Turn ON - TV, Set Top Box, Amplifier. Go to its respective HDMI and switch to the user's favorite channel.

Or Switch from Bright lights to dim lights. It is very easy for kids as well as senior citizens to adapt to this technology. We do hold training sessions at the time of handover.